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Working at heights is common in construction, and there is a good chance of being involved in construction accidents even under the best of conditions. In most cases, some type of scaffolding is used to accomplish the necessary tasks, and that fact that it is a temporary structure that requires assembly and disassembly increases the chances of construction accidents.

Scaffolding has been used since ancient times to work at heights, and modern technology has made it cheaper, safer and easier to use. However, just like with any other construction equipment, it needs to be maintained and used properly so that it will not cause construction accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued several regulations regarding the types, sizes and conditions of materials used in scaffolding to ensure that it exceeds the load-bearing requirements of its use as well as the proper assembly and disassembly to maximize the stability of these essential structures.

Not surprisingly, many of the construction accidents involving scaffolding are due to its defective condition, incorrect assembly or disassembly, or improper use. These are all indications of the lack of supervision onsite as well as the lack of training of workers in the use of scaffolding in general. An article from the website of Hach & Rose, LLP, experienced New York construction accident lawyers, it is crucial that scaffolding must be carefully assembled because workers literally place their lives on the line every time they climb up on one. The failure of construction management to provide these necessary aspects of scaffolding use may be construed as a breach in the duty of care that employers or contractors owe their workers, and may be actionable.

Scaffolding-related construction accidents include slips and falls, collapse, falling objects, and electrocution. Injuries sustained in this type of construction accidents may be serious, or even fatal. Construction workers who are injured or killed because of the negligence of their employers deserve to get adequate compensation for the physical, mental, emotional and financial damage that result. A construction accident lawyer with the right kind of expertise should be retained to handle any case that may be filed against a negligent employer in construction.