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A comparison of the number of construction accidents in New York for 2011 and 2012 show a sharp rise by 31%. This is attributed to the growing tendency of construction companies to ignore safety regulations because they have no motivation to improve working conditions. The concerned government agencies have yet to impose sanctions that would effectively discourage unsafe practices.

Construction accidents tend to result in serious injuries if not death. As an occupation, construction workers buy into a certain amount of risk because they often work with heavy equipment, power tools and inherently unsafe environments such as unfinished buildings, demolition sites, and working at heights. However, there is no excuse to exacerbate these risks by ignoring basic safety rules such as ensuring equipment are properly maintained, providing safety gear, and seeing to it that the site is not in danger of collapse.

According to the website of Hach & Rose, LLP, the most common construction accidents include:

  • Falling materials and equipment
  • Unsafe work sites
  • Defective scaffolding
  • Heavy construction vehicle accidents
  • Crane collapse

Many of these construction accidents are preventable with a minimum of safety precautions. Recent construction accidents in New York resulted from ignoring basic safety rules, such as preventing workers from going to a site which is clearly in danger of collapsing, or inspecting cranes to see that cables are not frayed or otherwise unsafe to operate.

Victims of construction accidents that occurred because of negligence may have legal recourse to help them recover from the hardship caused by serious injuries or the loss sustained by the family of a worker who dies unexpectedly. It is important to get competent legal representation in New York with the experience and knowledge to bring off a personal injury or wrongful death claim for construction accidents successfully. It can mean the difference between getting the compensation deserved and being left holding the bag.