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In the hair industry, there are many different types of jobs that hairstylists can do. From working in a salon to owning their own business, it’s all up to you! But no matter what you choose, there will be mistakes made along the way. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five common mistakes that even experienced hair professionals like Therapy Hair Studio make and how they can be avoided.

Mistake # One: Not Investing in a Quality Dryer

It’s no secret that hair dryers are expensive. And with all of the new technologies and features available, it can be overwhelming to know which one is best for your needs. But if you want to get those beautiful curls without completely frying them, you’ll need more than just any old dryer!

Mistake # Two: Hiring too Many Assistants When You Don’t Need Them

It’s hard to say no! And it can be tempting for a salon owner or stylist to hire an assistant when they are the busiest. But what if that extra pair of hands costs you more in materials and time than necessary? Or, even worse, slowing down productivity because there just isn’t enough work for them all to do? Before hiring an additional person, ask yourself, “Can I afford this?” If not, then maybe it’s best to take on a part-time worker instead.

Mistake # Three: Thinking All Women Want Their Hair Straightened

Some women want their locks sleek and straight, while others prefer a more natural look that includes some curl or body. And if you’ve got someone in your chair who hasn’t been happy with the way they looked coming out of the salon, it’s not always because there was something wrong with what you did! It could be as simple as them wanting things different than before.

Mistake # Four: Not Educating Your Clients On Proper Hair Care

Before scheduling your next appointment with a client, make sure that you send out a few reminders about common mistakes people make while styling and caring for their locks each day, like using too much heat or neglecting scalp massage when shampooing.

Mistake # Five: Not Utilizing Social Media Marketing Properly

Every business needs marketing these days–especially hair salons because word-of-mouth only gets you so far now since social media is so popular. You need to establish a presence online and be active on all the social media sites to reach your target audience.